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10 0010     12V 100-105Amp

Amp: 100
Rotation: CW
Voltage: 12

O.E. Cross

OEM Reference
AC-Delco 321-317
AC-Delco 334-2323
ACE Electric CA5207-11
ACE Zorkos CA7801-11N
Advance Auto Parts 20170066
AIM AO-00344R2
Aim New 66102N
Aim Sales 66102
Alltech 304-7801-11
American Power Systems APS7801-11
AMSCO DA-250-11
ARC 4520
Armature G Roy 7801/11/1
Arrow Automotive Industries 29-1331
Arrowhead ADR0160
Auto Electric Suppliers 7801N-11
Autotech Engineering N7801-11
BARSANCO 110-7801
BBB Beck Arnley Temporary 186-6102
BBB Ind 7801/11/1
BBB New N7801-11
BBB Old 7868/11/1
Beck Arnley Remanufactured 186-6102
Bepco 80-7801-11
Bosch New AL665N
Bosch Remanufactured AL665X
Cardone 37-7801N11
CARGO 112631
Carquest 7801-11A
Carquest New 7801-11AN
Champion Parts Rebuilders 13-1722
Cosmos International 10-7801-11
CPC 7801/11/1
Delco 10463019
Delco 1101145
Delphi RM1118
Denso First Time Fit 210-5232
Dixie Electric A-1300
DNS A07868-11
EGI A-7801-11
Excel 7801/11/1
Jims Auto US PG-7801-11
Just Parts D1-0114
Knight Rebuilding A1336
Lester 7801/11/1
Lester Old 7868/11/1
LTD 7801/11/1
LTD New N7801-11
Metron 7801/11/1
Metron USA D-7868
Minnpar 47-3733
Minnpar Old 6883733
Mondial 60-405-090
Mondial New 60-405-090N
MPA 7868511
MPA 7870511
NAPA Pro Series 66102
Nastra 7877-11D
Nastra New 897877-11
Nastra Velocity E7877-11D
New Generation 508101
New Tech N7801-11
New Tech HO N7801-11HO
NSA Complete ALT-1312C
OE Plus 7868
OE Plus New 7868-N
OE Plus Premium 50171
Our Part Number 7801-11N
Part # 7801/11/1
PASCO A-5005001
Pep Boys New N8161-11-5
Pep Boys One Year OY7868
Perfection 02-5670-11
Power Select 7801-11N
Precision Parts & Remanufacturing GMA162
PRIS Product Development Number 0013691
PRIS Product Development Number 0049338
PSH 835.502.100
Quality Rebuilders 7801-11T
Raw Power 7801-11N
Rayloc 134515D
Rayloc 13-4515D
RCP 48905
RCP AL-7801
RCP AL-7868
Reliance 7735/12/1
Remy Europe DRZ0181
Remy New 91304
Remy Remanufactured 20317
Remy Remanufactured 91304
Remy Remanufactured P7868-11
Road Warrior 7801-11N
Rock Auto New 7801-11N
Roko RA06-06172
Romaine Electric 36-7801-3
Romaine Electric 7801N-11
Romaine Electric Units 36-7801-3
Romaine Electric Units 7801N-11
Rotex 7801/11/1
S_R_NEW 7801-11N
Stratoline 80-7801-11
Suncoast 7801/11/1
Suncoast New 20-7801-11
TCVC AME-452011I
TSA 7801N-11
UCP New 7801-11N
UCP Remanufactured 7801/11/1
Unipoint ALT-1312C
Uni-Select 7801/11/1
Unit Parts 1346-5-11
USA Industries 7801/11/1
WAI ECO Reman 7801-11R
WAI New 7801-11N
WAI Old 1-1631-33DR
WAI Old 20-146-30
WAI Old 20-146-31
WAI Old 20-146-31-1
Whatcom APPTRAK 63887
Wilson 90-01-4290
Wilson New 90-01-4290N
WODA 10 0010
Zorko 7801/11/1

Application List

O.E.M names and numbers are used for reference purpose only.