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20 0011     12V 1.2KW 9T

KW: 1.2
Rotation: CW
Voltage: 12

O.E. Cross

OEM Reference
AC-Delco 336-1015
ACE Zorkos CM3152N
Advance Auto Parts 20180039
AIM SG-0066R
Aim New 76070N
Aim Sales 76070
All States 119960
Alltech 106-3152
American Power Systems APS3152
Armature G Roy 3152
Arrow Automotive Industries 34-1765
Arrowhead SFD0079
Barsanco 520-3226
BBB Beck Arnley Temporary 187-6070
BBB HD Old 3152
BBB Ind 3152
BBB New N3152
Beck Arnley New 189-6070
Beck Arnley Remanufactured 187-6070
Bepco 80-3152
Bepco Old 3152X
Bepco Old 3174X
Bosch Remanufactured SR509X
Carquest 3152S
Carquest HD 3152S
Carquest New 3152SN
Carquest Value 3152SV
Champion Parts Rebuilders 44-3007
Cosmos International 90-3152
CPC 3152
Delco Remanufactured 10465068
Delco Remanufactured 10465090
Delphi SX1313
Delphi SX1378
Dixie Electric S-2028
DNS S00590
DuBois 3152
EGI S-3152
Elpar Industries 11603634
Excel 3152
Ford D2HF-11001-E
Ford D2HF-11001-EA
Ford D7AZ-11002-A
Ford D7AZ-11002-B
Ford D8AF-11001-AA
Ford D8AF-11001-BA
J & N 410-14006
Knight Rebuilding S5590
LTD 3152
LTD New N3174
Lucas Remanufactured S2924
Metron 3152
Metron USA D-3152
MFR Series - Family Type 4-1/2 MOD I
Minnpar 57-2555
Minnpar Old 6882555
Mondial 70-551-20
Motorcraft SA-701A
Motorcraft SA-717
MPA 3174
NAPA Pro Series 76070
NAPA Pro Series HDN 76070HDN
Nastra 3152
New Generation 601520
New Tech N3174
NSA Complete STR-2711
OE Plus 3152
OE Plus Premium 55000
OE Plus VP 3152-VP
Part # 3152
PASCO S-600152
Pep Boys One Year OY3152
Power Select 3152N
Power Select 3152R
PRIS Product Development Number 0000766
PRIS Product Development Number 0000767
PRIS Product Development Number 0043820
PRIS Product Development Number 0043821
Quality Rebuilders 3152
Raw Power 3152N
Raw Power 3152R
Rayloc 44-4548
Rayloc 449200
Rayloc 44-9200
Rayloc 44-9217
Reliance 3152
REMY 25226
REMY 25390
REMY 97137
REMY P3149
REMY P3152
Remy Remanufactured 25226
Remy Remanufactured 25390
Remy Remanufactured 97137
Remy Remanufactured P3149
Remy Remanufactured P3152
Road Warrior 3152N
Road Warrior 3152R
Roko RS13-05592
Romaine 3152N
Romaine 41-3152
Romaine Electric 3152N
Romaine Electric 41-3152
Romaine Electric Units 3152N
Romaine Electric Units 41-3152
Rotex 3152
Stratoline 3152X
Stratoline 3174X
Stratoline 80-3152
Stratoline (Old) 3152X
Stratoline (Old) 3174X
Suncoast 3152
Techno CVC AME-5038
TSA 3152N
TYC 1-03174
UCP Remanufactured 3152
Uni-Select 3152
Unit Parts 3142S
Unit Parts 3152
USA Industries 3152
WAI 2-1675-FD
WAI New 3152N
WAI Old 2-1675-FD
WAI Reman Premium Quality 3152R
Whatcom APPTRAK 67201
Wilson 91-02-5818
Wilson New 91-02-5818N
WODA 20 0011
Zorko 3152

Application List

O.E.M names and numbers are used for reference purpose only.